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Welcome to Wally's Web Services
Wally's Web Services can assist you with your web needs in a number of ways:

The web is an excellent medium for communication.
Communication is clearest when simple and direct.
Web sites communicate most clearly when they are simple and direct.

My designs lean towards simplicity for several reasons:
Ease of Use
Readily found information eases communication.
Simpler pages download faster. Most web surfers are still on dialup modem connections.
Simpler designs translate better across more browsers and platforms and require less development time.
Simpler designs are accessible by a much broader range of web users.

I can certainly design an "eye candy" or graphically intensive web site and enjoy visiting such sites. I still strive to make such designs clear and useful.

In a nutshell...
I can help you bring your ideas to the web. I am thoughtful when creating user interfaces and site architecture. Graphically, I can repurpose your existing graphics/images/logos for web use or create original ones. I am adept at writing and troubleshooting the HTML files that comprise a web site. I can bring user interactivity to your site via Javascript, DHTML, and cgi-scripts.

While my emphasis is the web, I often do work for print as well. Logos, graphics, ads, flyers, business cards, booklets and most things print are within my skills. If you think you may want print materials as well as web designs, let me know this from the beginning. This is important when dealing with any web designer - print graphics need to be a much higher resolution than web graphics. It is almost impossible to repurpose a web graphic for print work, the reverse is very practical.

Contact Wally Parham via
Email: wallyp@sasquatch.com
Phone: 831.459.0449

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