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Welcome to Wally's Bio
I have lived in Santa Cruz county in California since 1979. Although known for its high cost of living, I feel spoiled to live here every day.

Education and Experience
I had the typical beginning undergraduate experience: five years, three majors, one hundred semester hours, two colleges (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Arizona State University), no degree.

In 1996, I returned to school at Cabrillo College. I had developed a passion for photography (published locally in weeklies and monthlies around seventy-five times) and felt that the computer would work well with my images. I graduated from Cabrillo College in the spring of 1998 with a degree in Desktop Publishing - Multimedia and began teaching there in January of 1999. I teach Introduction to HTML, Intermediate Web Publishing (built the class with another instructor), and Introduction to Digital Graphics (Illustrator and Photoshop).

In December of 1998, I began working for Casady & Greene in the internet services department. Working there has been a great experience, both in expanding my web skills and in the quality of people that I have had the pleasure to work alongside.

Please go to my "Projects" page to view some of the work I have done.

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